Important Life Lessons Learned Through K-Pop!


I have been really getting into k-pop recently, even before PSY received universal attention on Youtube with his music video “Gangnum Style”.

I just couldn’t help myself!

They had me at hello with their flashy and colorful outfits, killer dance moves, and catchy upbeat music!

They develop their talent in the entertainment industry differently compared to how talent is developed and marketed here in the states. Korea’s method is much more effective where they are even breaking into the American market.

I find myself way more interested in with Korean artist’s than American artists because Korean artists are more personable and relateable whereas sometimes artists in America give off a persona where they seem almost untouchable. It’s as if they are way above us.

Korean music artists are often in groups so they are able to work together without feeling the need to break up that easily. Here in the states, I feel most artists have too big of an ego to join a music group of other talented artists. You would think the force of many would be better than the force of one, but in the U.S. that’s not always the case.

In Korea,there are SEVERAL music groups. If an artist within that group feels the need to do their own single or even their own album they are free to do so. And just because you see one of their artists do one or two solo albums doesn’t mean the group eventually falls apart, it actually keeps them together much longer and makes the group much stronger.

The music artists in k-pop have the ability to do their own thing while at the same time stay loyal to their group so no one feels tied down or restricted creatively. There is a perfect balance of unity and individuality.

Why don’t we just learn from them in general and get music back to where it needs to be?

You know, when music was once…GOOD!

Well, while I’m happy to encourage others to explore the world of k-pop, I wanted to share a music video that has recently been chosen as one of my favorites. It’s a music video from Park Bom, the main singer of 2NE1, which is a great girl group.

It took me a while to watch this video but I heard so many great things about it. It’s kind of an “oldie” (Came out since 2009) but as soon as I watched it, I was just so touched emotionally. For the most part, I don’t know what she’s saying (As I never do when I watch k-pop music videos since I am not Korean), but I was so moved emotionally because of the message that was being delivered.

See it for yourself…

I warn you….This could be a tearjerker


If you didn’t get it at all then allow me to give you a recap of what you just saw:

The video begins with a girl (Park Bom) getting married to the man of her dreams. They are two young individuals madly in love with each other. Her dreams come true but only to be cut short because her husband ends up diagnosed with an incurable disease. With her finding out about this, she spends every moment she can with him doing lighthearted and fun things together. She stays positive and strong for him because he is worried and scared for himself as well as for her in the future. He’s is worried that he won’t be there to be the husband that she deserves and the husband that he’s always wanted to be for her. The girl does what she can, such as follows a small dream of opening up her own bakery and using that to provide for her husband as well as herself since her husband is unable to work. He gets worse and weaker so he is put in a wheelchair. He contemplates committing suicide because he feels like a burden to his wife. He is just about to make the attempt when he decides at the last minute to stay, not for himself, but for her, because she still needs him even if he is unable to do much. He returns to her and draws her while she’s sleeping. She’s his inspiration to keep living. While the girl is sleeping she dreams, of her husband being better and the two of them starting a family by having their first child. She wakes up out of that dream seeing him there drawing her. She then shares one last moment with him, doing something very special for him for the holidays, which he was very touched by but he passes away shortly after. You then see her with his notebook and his red scooter. She is in a field reminiscing about the lover of her life, whom she promises to always be with forever because he will continue to be with her in spirit. At the end, she reads the last thing he wrote to her next to a picture with his face on it and said, ” I am sorry I couldn’t protect you”.

And that is the lesson of unconditional love and to appreciate every moment you have on this Earth people! Any questions?

That is why I love k-pop, just for moments and music like this; Music that touches your heart and teaches you valuable insight on life!

If you know where to find the link for the translated to English lyrics to the song, please post that in the comments!

DesirE to appreciate love and life……and k-pop!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


Long over do but it would be a complete shame if I didn’t take part in such a wonderful honor!

I found out that I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing group of female bloggers that share inspiring and powerful words of great insight! This award motivates me to continue to write from the heart because whatever I put out there may resonate deeply with another person. In that way we all help each other, lift each other up, and grow together to be empowered and enlightened women of today! It is an honor and privileged to receive this award. With this award, I promise to continue to always write for quality, and not for quantity. I promise to not be afraid to live so I can therefore continue to share the truth of what I have learned through my experiences whether good or bad. I that way that truth can be passed on to someone else. Thank you so much for this award!

I would like to thank a fellow blogger who I think everyone should check out!

Prego and the Loon! A fabulous blogger who nominated me for this award. Her articles are both inspiring and real. You don’t have to be a woman or “prego” in order to “get” her which is one of the main reasons why I LOVE her blog!

Her link is below:

The rules for receiving this award are as follows.

3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

My Answers the Questions!

1. Your favorite color – I have three favorites. 1st is Blue, 2nd is Purple, and 3rd is between Red or Black, but these are colors you will always see me gravitate towards.
2. Your favorite animal – I am a huge animal lover but I especially like horses and dolphins! It’s unfortunate because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to have any one of those animals for as my own.
3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink – A Virgin Pina Colada! Yum! Oh! and Egg Nog!
4. Facebook or Twitter – If I could have my way I’d say neither. I enjoy blogging on WordPress!
5. Your favorite pattern – Lace, anything lacey makes me go crazy! Haha, that kind of rhymed!
6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? – Both, however, gift shopping stresses me out because I always want to be really thoughtful and sentimental but at the same time I end up buying the most expensive things! And who doesn’t like gifts? Especially when it comes from the heart!
7. Your favorite number? – 3! I literally do EVERYTHING in threes!
8. Your favorite day of the week? – Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Saturdays are pretty fun too!
9. Your favorite flower? – Roses because they are soo romantic!
10. What is your passion? Acting, music, entertainment, my spirituality, starting to get into fashion, creative projects such as writing and art, love, my career! To LIVE and explore LIFE is my passion!

10 Bloggers I find to Be Super Awesome!

The Nominees Are…

“For The Clean of You” by Life As A Culinary Girl

They May Be Male but They Also Write Some Powerful Stuff

“Meet my new friend: Resiliance” by Peace With My Life

“Be Part of A Dream” by The Better Man Projects

More Still Pending

First Table Read for My New Pilot!


(The photo above is not the actual photo of the table-read)

Today I began a new pilot which I’ve been really excited about since I’ve had some rocky moments in my career lately! The concept is great, with a very diverse cast. It kind of has a “Single Ladies” and “Sex and the City” vibe to it with a much younger cast (No offense). It also has an “Entourage” style to it as well but of course “female version”. It was originally supposed to be filmed in L.A. but they decided to film it in NY at the last minute. It’s definitely a very fun show!

Today was our first table read, and I have to say, table read-throughs are kind of awkward. This was the first time we all met together in one place. Today the producers wanted to see how we “gelled”  together since our characters were all best friends. I always find that the most difficult and the stress is alleviated just because I booked this gig. I once time read about an actor who booked a pilot for a major network, flew to the location they were filming, checked into his hotel, got settled, and a producer knocked on his hotel room door to break the news to him that he had to fly all the way back because they made the decision to replace him with another actor at the very last minute.

Now if that happened to me, I think I would have to be checked into the nearest hospital immediately! Therefore, you never know, nothing is set in stone until you are picked up from a network, complete a full season AND it airs on TV.

Well, so far I’m still in the clear (Crossing my fingers!). As I was saying, table read  throughs are awkward especially when you are working with such new people and new energies for the first time. The first time we read the script through, it was….not so great. Our timing was off, we were saying a few lines all wrong. I mean it wasn’t that bad, but not good. And that made me nervous.

But after the second and third table read (which turned out to be us standing and pantomiming each scene), it just worked. We were a lot more comfortable, our timing was spot on, and the script came to life. The producers and talent coordinators were pleased.

Now I can breathe…..Aaaaahhhhh! Well, for today at least:-)

Can you imagine? Today is JUST MONDAY!!!

Feeling Lucky!

four leaf clover

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

~Elmer Leterman

(My excitement for St. Patrick’s Day came early this year;-)

This year I proudly enjoyed award season from the comfort of my own home. I laid on the coach in my warm zebra print snuggie and snacked while I literally lived every moment through Jennifer Lawrence and Adele. Oh, and I can’t leave out nine year old Oscar nominated, Quvenzhane Wallis, that girl is an inspiration!

After watching such amazing young talent take the industry by storm, I can’t help but to wonder….am I not doing enough? Am I not working hard enough? Am I not believing in myself enough?

There’s only so much you can do in an industry that is known to say, “Hurry up and wait.” I put in as much effort as I can to move forward but then there are moments where you just have to leave the rest in God’s hands.

If only those brilliant artists, talent, and business people that we see in the media can tell us the secret to how they attain their level success. How do we beat the odds to get to that level?

Some will tell you that it’s their incredible hard work and dedication. Most of the time they can’t even tell you, because they can’t even believe they are lucky enough to be where they are.

It makes you wonder, are people born lucky our do we make our own luck?

I believe it’s both. It’s about putting yourself in the way of opportunity, and just leave the rest to fate.

March is a big month for me in kick starting a lot of projects and opportunities! I’m excited to share them with all of you and see where fate will be taking me for the rest of the year!

DesirE to feel and be Lucky!

Have I Sold My Soul to the Devil?


Lately I’ve been questioning my happiness.

I’ve been under management by this company for about 6 months now.

It’s a pretty good management deal, everything I could ask for…

But you know the saying, “Be careful  of what you ask for?”

Well, I got it….

And that’s my problem, I should have been more careful and followed my intuition instead of going for what I thought I wanted.

One of the reasons why I created this blog was to document my experience of working with this company and following my dreams. I wanted to write about every experience I had so I could motivate others to go out and pursue theirs and maybe obtain done good insight from my experiences.

But as you can see, I haven’t began to do that yet….


Because I’m going through a change.

I’ve been having a lot of problems with my management lately. We aren’t seeing eye to eye and we are head butting each other during meetings every time.

You see, I work in entertainment as a model, actress, and singer.When you have such a great deal being given to you by an entertainment company where they take care of everything from your development, to your bookings, to your traveling and appearances, they fund all of that for you. When they do provide the capital for all of that, they feel they have more power over you and what you do.

The can tell you what to wear, what to say, who to hang out with, who to work with, what goes up on your social medias, and you have to be available to them on a 24/7 basis.

At first, it’s not that bad, it’s actually exciting.

Then, it begins to feel like slavery quite honestly. You don’t feel like you’re living in freedom.

I’ve tried to express how I’ve felt several times but it was only looked over as if I was just complaining and being ungrateful.

How ironic that I feel this way and I’m talking about it on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. However, in honor of him today, I stood up for myself and for what I felt was right.

I made my voice heard today and for an injustice I wanted to express my opinion on. Not an injustice done towards me but actually done towards someone else that used to work with the company. And guess what?

My management did NOT like it at all.

Today, I went through some intense verbal abuse by them, but instead of firing back like a hot head (which was what I so badly wanted to do…)

I walked away.

I did that because my heart told me that this company is not where I belong, this management team, was not my management team.

And I felt this even before I signed with them, but I ignored it, because I was familiar with this company. I’ve worked with them for over 3 years before they gave me that deal. I wanted it to be for me because I invested so much time and energy into them…

But it was too late, my heart already outgrew the company and now I know my talents are need elsewhere.

Somewhere that doesn’t make me feel trapped or caged because I really felt like I sold my soul away to the devil. That was a big mistake of mine to not follow my heart before I signed that contract because the end result was me feeling like I was living in hell. Very weird feeling when everything on the outside looked perfect, looked like a dream!

But for soul, it was a nightmare.

Lucky for me, I can find a way to escape and be on the path that God had laid for me.

That path is the route to my purpose in life; the road to happiness.

I need to be happy in my heart, and being at that company was not reflecting that.

So now I’m off to embark on a new adventure feeling excited, vulnerable, and scared.

But my spirit yearns for it.

I don’t know what will happen next…

but what I do know is that my journey and the pursuit of my dreams don’t end here.

DesirE to Dream while listening to your heart

2013: The Year To Be Reborn


I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! May the year 2013 be filed with blessings, love, and many successes!

Throughout all of 2012, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my philosophy on life has changed immensely. The majority of the year 2012 was also the most difficult years I’ve ever experienced in my life. Life challenged me in so many ways mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everyday seemed like an uphill battle but honestly they say that adversity is your best teacher.

In 2012…

I’ve been betrayed

I’ve gotten my heart broken into pieces that I had to pick up all by myself

I’ve lost my precious bunny who was like my best friend

I saw a lot of things that I held dearly get taken away from me

I was drowning in financial problems

I’ve been led on and let down

I’ve received disgusting treatment by men from both my personal life and career life

I cried, which is something I don’t do at all

I lacked hope and faith because I was blinded by my immense sadness

I fell into a mild depression

I was lost and confused about my purpose in this world

I was alone

But I came out at the end of the year 2012 as a changed person both internally and externally.

I’m going into 2013….

Alive! Since the world didn’t end in the 21st of 2012

More confident then I’ve ever been

With more of a sense of knowing about my purpose in this world

With small group of amazing friends and family that are truly there for me

With forgiveness in my heart for all who did me wrong

With a newfound sense of inspiration and creativity that I can use to implement into lucrative businesses

My passion and”mojo” is back and at it’s highest potential

With fantastic career opportunities that I could only fantasize about last year

With a better knowledge of what I do and do not need in my life

With the knowledge of what “love” is and the ability to unconditionally love myself as well as others

With the knowledge on the power of positive thinking

With knowing that I a lot stronger than I thought I was

With more independence

With me knowing who I truly AM.

With more of a better understanding about my own spirituality

With the knowledge that God put those hardships in my life in 2012 not as a punishment but as a gift. He put me through a life “boot camp” so that I will understand why it happened and how I can make sure I never put myself through another year like that again.

The year 2012 was a blessing in disguise.

It was a way to clear the way for a much smoother road ahead in the year 2013 so I can be able to stay true to myself and live the life that I want to live; A new life that I can create for myself.

So I’m ready for ya 2013! What ya got for me?

Are YOU ready?

DesirE to be a brand new you in 2013!

My Love for Movies and Twilight’s Beaking Dawn: Part 2


I watched Twilight’s Breaking Dawn: Part 2 for free at my old job with a very good friend of mine today and I have to say that I came out surprised that it was as good as it was.

I mean, I’m a big fan of both the books and the films, but this movie blew my mind because of the crazy twist it has at the end. It had me literally at the edge of my seat and they really outdid it with this film.

And I’m saying this as a critic, not as a fan. Any boyfriends that get forced by their girlfriends or moms to go watch this movie will be pleasantly surprised that it’s better than they thought it would be. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and watch it before it leaves the theater because you won’t feel like you wasted your precious $11.50 on a mediocure film. But at least watch Part 1 before you decide to watch Part 2, duh! I can say it’s worth it, even if I didn’t spend a single penny to go and watch it…

But enough of the Twilight movie review and on to my real point…

I absolutely LOVE movies!!!

I love movies so much that my first job as soon as I turned 16 was at at a local movie theater in my neighborhood.

Being surrounded by movies for the majority of my day was amazing to me; I felt that it was where I needed to be.

I love everything about the whole experience one has when going to the movies.

I love the previews that play before the movie starts. The trailers are edited so well that they get your adrenaline pumping. I love how a good film can send you on an emotional journey from beginning to end where laughing at one moment and crying the next. I even like the moments where I can just sit and admire the beautiful cinematography.

And don’t forget buying your ticket at the box office, stocking up on popcorn and candy at the concession stand, and sitting in a dark freezing theater for two hours.

I just LOVE it.

But after working at that cute little theater for 4 years, I realized that my place was no longer behind  concession stands trying to fast talk my way into getting 0.20 cents in commission for selling a combo to a customer, checking the ID of teenagers for R rated movies at the box office, or kicking out noisy youngsters out of theaters.

I realized that I needed to BE on that big screen that I admired so much. I needed to BE on those posters that we hung up to advertise upcoming films. I needed to BE one of those cardboard cutouts or have my face on a large cup.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t shake the strong desire that I had to be IN movies, and maybe one day make movies.

So one day, I quit. Not knowing what would happen, where my income would come from next, or if I was even sure that this dream would come true. I just left and never looked back.

I was crazy.

But today, I received a call from my Manager telling me some fantastic news. I got booked for a movie getting filmed in Dallas, Texas. Filming starts January 16th.

I can’t say that this will be my big break to becoming a major movie star, but I’m on my way…

DesirE to act on your dreams NOW!
Why wait?

Great Black Friday Survival Tip for Success!


Haha! And the title for the article that this picture is originally from was, “The Sad Truth About Black Friday.”

(You can find the article through this link,

I did not go Black Friday shopping today, and I’m cool with that.

I personally have no problem with Black Friday but instead of standing in line for a few hours waiting to be shoved and walked on by several earlybird Christmas shoppers, I slept and lounged in the comfort of my home all day…

and piled my plate with delicious leftovers…life was good!

However, I was considering going and I can never forget the tip that my sister’s mother had told her. (My sister and I have different mothers but the same father) She thought it was so good that she had passed it on to me.

It’s very simple and her mother is a champion at getting what she wants when she wants it from anyone any anywhere! She ALWAYS gets results and she never fails to surpirse me on how she’s able to do it so it HAS to work!

But it’s not for the weak hearted! If you’re afraid to speak up and demand what you need then this tip may not be for you.

The advice my sister’s mother gave was,

“Bring a pair of really comfortable shoes…

and an attitude.”

Hope all of you are able to get everything that you hoped for this Black Friday…

and I hope you make it out alive!

What were you able to get during your Black Friday shopping?

DesirE to get those great deals!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!


Okay, um maybe stuffing a turkey with Prozac is just a little too extreme…

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Besides being one of the few days where I give myself permission to eat until I feel I’m about to explode right before the dinner table, I love seeing my family members “play nice” for the day.

I have to say, I haven’t been on my family’s good graces lately since I’ve made a lot of sacrifice recently to full heartedly pursue my dreams. I gave up two semesters of school, my secure but low paying job, a few friends, and a two and a half year relationship with my now ex boyfriend. A few people who may read this post may say that my parent’s disappointment in me is justified however, everyone is different and I had to do what my heart and mind was telling me to do at that time.

And guess what? Even though I had a lot of tough times, I don’t regret a single thing!

But the great thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s a day of giving thanks and people are too busy showing gratitude about positive things instead of shedding light on all of the negative things that happened throughout the rest of the year.

Being in a career where you’re surrounded by a lot of superficial attitudes, it’s nice to come home to something that feels so real. I get to come home and be completely myself without having to feel the pressure to impress anyone. I have a soul connection with these people in this loving home, and on Thanksgiving, that feeling is amplified therefore making me feel even more grateful about having such deep unconditional love in my life.

I think as women, (especially single women) and even some men as well, we sometimes tend to focus on what we don’t have when it comes to the “love department”. We often don’t realize that we are always surrounded by people who truly love and appreciate us but instead of putting our energy and focus towards that, we worry about how we don’t have a romantic partner in our lives to cuddle with during our lonely nights. If you can’t put your focus and show gratitude towards the love that’s already there, then it is very obvious that you are not ready to have a romantic partner to enter your life at this time. Think about it….

But I wish everyone and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you really take the time to enjoy every moment with those you love, no matter how annoying they are or how much they piss you off at times. These are crucial times we are living in where people are experiencing tragic experiences by natural disasters such as hurricane Sandy or losing loved ones in horrible and unexpected deaths. There are also people who have no place to go for the holidays and are completely alone because they don’t have a family.

It’s only one day so try to make the best of it! And enjoy bonding over food! It’s a beautiful thing!

My tummy agrees!

What are you thankful for this year?

DesirE to give Thanks!

Words of Wisdom From Nicki Minaj?

Now I have to say, I have never considered myself a fan of Nicki Minaj but after watching her 3 part special on E! I’ve come to like her as a person.

Despite the heavy makeup, the false lashes, the many different wigs, and the crazy alter egos, I felt like I really understand her being that we work in the same industry. She’s just a girl trying to make it in a business that normally breaks people before they can even get their foot in the door.

On the show, there were times when she seemed demanding, bossy, or even bitchy but here’s the thing with watching these celebrities on television; we often don’t realize what their lives are like behind the scenes because all we see are the smokes and mirrors.

We as people are so quick to criticize without knowing who these people really are and what they go through to sustain all that glitz and glam as well as their careers on a daily basis.

And let’s be honest, we enjoy seeing the glitz and the glam. We enjoy the drama and the eccentric personalities that go along with it; that’s why it’s considered entertainment.

So, I get her, and she seems like a really cool girl that I could “kick it with!”

Now let’s get down to what I really want to talk about. During this year’s American Idols’ press conference, Nicki Minaj as well as the other judges of the show were asked a question on what she felt she could bring to the table and she said something that quickly stole my attention.

She said…

“The contestants are coming into a business or attempting to get into a business that is very different from fifteen years ago and with social media things are so different. They can be so so bitter and angry and so judgmental. I feel like I’ve gone through so much of that. I would love to be able to tell the contestants honestly and truthfully what they can really expect and sometimes, you gotta tell people, ‘Hey, you really might not want to be in this’. Sometimes you think you can sing [that] you want to be in the business but there’s a reason why it is called a bus-iness. It takes a lot of tenacity and all those other things that a lot of people don’t have even when they can sing and that’s a part of what I bring just being part of the ‘now’ moment in pop culture and being able to share it with people who want to do it now and have them realize that sometimes you’re going to be ripped apart and you gotta take it and take it and take it and prove who you really are and how badly you really want it.”

I know…..that was a really long quote but I felt the need to post the entire thing.

She is ABSOLUTELY right!

Sure! I wrote this blog to encourage people to go after their goals and dream however, before you jump to the challenge and get moving on those dreams, you have to make sure it’s something you truly want and for the right reasons. It’s very important that you know what you are getting into, especially with an industry such as the entertainment industry. What is really motivating you to pursue this dream in the first place?

So many people say they want to be famous and they think the have what it takes. I’ve helped many of those people who had the potential and tried to give them a way to blaze their own trail in this industry but it’s easier said then done. The people I’ve helped often gave up the “dream” after the second month of pursuing it.

They were either too sensitive or too timid or often didn’t put the necessary effort in bringing their best foot forward. Instead, they thought they would get by with a half ass attempt accompanied by an excuse on why they didn’t come giving all they’ve got.

They easily became discouraged and intimidated by those who were more talented or more beautiful. There were hundreds of people on the lines of the casting calls and auditions they attended. The competition was fierce and after seeing what they were up against, they went searching for the nearest escape route because they just couldn’t take it. The entertainment business is overwhelming and takes huge pride in giving blows to your ego. I’ve been there so many times that sometimes I wonder how I’ve managed to come out of the lion’s den alive, so I know exactly how they were feeling.

And to be honest, sometimes the feeling never gets better. Sometimes you just hate the feeling even more, but it’s one of those things you have to deal with when you are working in such a competitive industry. The challenge is rising above all of that by focusing solely on you and constantly seeing your glass as half full instead of half empty. It also helps to bring a great attitude because everyone notices the guy or girl that radiates positive energy, not the other guy or girl who radiates nervousness, low self esteem, and anxiety no matter what you look like or how talented you are. It may be a challenge but it is very possible!

However, talent and a great attitude is just winning half of the battle. The other thing that is important is being savvy when it comes to the business side of the entertainment industry and that side is what made me sometimes feel like I really couldn’t go on anymore. I won’t lie to you and say that it’s a breeze, because it’s not, but it comes with the territory.

Since when did having talent mean that you had desire a path towards stardom? It may look nice on TV but it’s not at all what you may think it is and you may actually realize that you may be destined to do something different with that talent, even if you’re not doing it in front of thousands of screaming fans.

You may realize that you’re a star in your own community and sometimes your community may need your talents the most.

You may actually be happier performing shows locally where you may bring more entertainment and culture into your quiet town.You may actually sing for the choir of your church and inspire several people to find their own faith just by you singing into their hearts. You may actually enjoy creating program and events benefiting those less fortunate and contributing your talents there. You may even decide that teaching children and encouraging them to pursue their dreams by using their own talented gifts. Your talents may serve a purpose to anyone anywhere no matter how simple the “gig” may be. Sometimes it’s the simple things that hold the most value to us and it’s often the simple pleasures in life that we take for granted.

It’s very easy to determine which goals or dreams are right for you. If you realize that your goals are coming from only a materialistic place  then you may need to re-think your motivation for wanting to achieve that goal or dream. Your goals have to make you feel like it matches best with who you are, it has to bring you pure joy, and it has to come from the heart. Don’t just go after a dream just because everyone else thinks it’s impressive. Keep it genuine!

It’s true that no dream is too big, but keep in mind that there is also no dream that’s too small.

DesirE to Dream…but with the best intentions!